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Monday, October 10, 2005

The Conscious Evolution of The Human Animal

Mud slides, earthquakes, mass flooding, U.F.O sightings/abductions, war, global pandemics ...

CNN actually had a piece tonight about the end of days, and weather or not these
events are a signal of something much greater.

I do believe that what we are experiencing is the physical manifestation of a great cleansing and inevitable awakening of the human spirit/mind.The result of our collective conciousness struggling to free itself.

A cosmic jump in the evolution of the human animal,paramount even to the moment when our ancestors came down from the trees and began walking up right.
Paramount to the discovery of fire, or the wheel.

If you are an intuitive or sensitive already know this.

Species evolve.If you believe this, then you must allow for the fact that, of course, this includes the human animal.It really is quite a beautiful thing..evolution.

Contrary to the claims of many, evolution is not a proclamation against the existence of god, but is in fact god it's self. God in the act of creating god.

A beautiful, miraculous pattern, central to all of life and repeated throughout the the universe on many levels..the growth,change and transformation of energy into new forms.

Even Einstein said " energy cannot be created or destroyed"

So then,humans are evolving, including our minds and hence our consciousness as it relates to mind.

In the coming years we MUST evolve..or our species will suffer incredibly as will many others. We must make that scary but necessary leap into the unknown. We must trust our hearts,leave our logical minds behind, surrender our egos collectively and not be afraid to believe.

Listen to your heart,it is calling you to awake and join together to usher in this new age of awareness. This new cycle, or yuga.

Our actions towards each other, including other species and to our sweet mother earth are hurting us all. We are killing the host on which we live and which gives us everything we need to support our material existence, and hence we are killing ourselves.

We must adapt..we must evolve ..or our species and many others will suffer and die. The way we treat the earth and our brother and sister species is a direct reflection of how we treat each other.

We are all one...literally...just reflections of each other.

All of this has been written about and prophesised by various mystics for ages. Nearly every religious path has some version of these events.

This progression is a natural one and I do believe other, similar species have gone through this already...and some have been trying to contact us and convey these messages .

Every since I can remember I have felt all of this, as I know many of you have, deep within.It is time now to believe and not be afraid of that.

Do not try to understand with your logical mind, you cannot, at least not yet. It is a different kind of understanding that is required here..a deeper, more subtle understanding, yet one that you feel with every cell of your being.

It is not a religious, or even a spiritual matter ...but a simple matter of the concious evolution of our human species.

I believe that we will make the choice to consciously evolve.I have made that choice myself and I know, I see that every moment more and more people are.

The polorization is almost complete and soon it will reach critcal mass and we will experience something akin to the hundreth monkey syndrome...and people everywhere will begin to awake.

There is no stopping this is already happening.
As one of my favorite people, Ekart Tole says...

You will likely not read of this in the newspaper or hear about it on cnn, but it is happening now, at this moment, in the hearts and minds of individuals the world over.

I love this painting by Chris Dyer..