May the long time sun shine upon you, all love surround you and the pure light within you, guide your way on "~Incredible String Band

Sunday, February 19, 2006

A quick Note...

Just a quick note to say that Moss and I will be without a computer for the next ten days or so as it will be in the shop for repairs. So I apologize in advance for any unanswered emails.

Also, we have added a new section, by request from some readers. It is "About Us" on the left pannel and provides a more detailed profile of Moss and I, pictures of our tipi and yurt homes and profiles and pictures of our whole flock as well as Gaia, our dog of thirteen years.

We will take lots of photos and have many stories to tell at next update..

Namaste....two hands pressed together and held near the heart with the head gently bowed...namaste. A traditional gesture in the east upon ariving and departing. The hands, held in unison signify the oneness of a dual cosmos. The bringing together of spirit and matter, the self meeting the self.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Brick by Brick....

This week Moss and I spent some time visiting with good friends of ours in the area, and then house sitting for them while they vacationed in Hawaii. Jackie is a long time fellow bird lover and rehabber and it was a joy to house sit and take care of her many wonderful animal friends.

While there we also did much work on the bus as we were able to plug in our power saws and sanders. Moss started to build the partition for the bedroom area, built a storage box at the base of the bed and one on the far side of the bench in the livieng room. In addition to that we began work on the work table in the back and finished the faceing on some cabinets. I removed the top lights from the front of the bus and bondo'ed in the holes then painted over it, as well as doing some sanding and finishing work inside.

Monday we head to Valenica C.A to earn some money and work on a few initiatives. We will stay there in the area for a few weeks working and parking the bus at various spots around town dureing the night. Last we week we were able to finally purchase our two Trek ( Gary Fisher) seven speed mountain bikes ! This will make it so much easier to get around. Next week we will have enough to buy our bike racks for the front of the bus.

The following are some photos of the work we got done this week....

A view towards the now partially finished back, still needing be sanded/finished.

A view of the new storage box at the base of the bed ( also still needing to be sanded and finished though ). We will be building a wrap around bookshelf above.

Me painting, after removing the lights and filling the holes with bondo.

A view from in the bed loft,towards the front of the bus. The start of the workshop area also be seen. On the left is the start of what will be a closet. Above the work table will be a cabinet and T&G on the faceing plywood wall..

Casper and Joseph enjoying the view from inside their aviaries..