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Thursday, May 31, 2007


Hi folks just another quick update here. I am just a few days away from my June 5th due date and still no baby.

I continue to enjoy my nesting time, which is really kicking in hard lately . Everything is finally in place and I am feeling closer to being ready, or as ready as a person can be anyway. We have our birth tub, clothes, cloth diapers, special labor food, candles, our Ipod birthing playlist, including Moss's new song, "Song of Sage" , which we will play for her as she is being birthed. I even had time to make some wool diaper covers out of old sweaters. My friend Jackie, who is an amazing photographer will be present during the birth and taking pictures. Holly, Moss's sister will also be there as well as his mom. At the very moment of birth however, I am hoping it will be just Moss, Sage and I.

The only thing left to do now is give birth and begin the rest of my life...

To say things are becomming sureal would be an understatement , as I hoover in this strange sort of timeless place, awaiting and still unable to completely grasp the immensity of the fact that within the next week or so I will be a mom. A MOM ! I imagine it is rather like a moth or butterfly in a cocoon awaiting to emerge. Yes, it seems in giving birth, I give birth not just to a new soul but also to a part of myself.

Moss and I have been enjoying our last days together as a couple in a sort of melencholy way. Things will never be the same for us and we are just trying to honour this time as much as possible. We have had nearly 15 years though of just being with each other and spending time together. That is so much more than most people ever have together, before having kids. It is definitely time to spread the love around.

As for the bus it is finally finished and seems to be working quite well. It is curently parked in front of the house here at Moss's folks, where we will be birthing...any day now. Stay tuned ...

I love this picture of Moss, taken on a recent visit to the nearby Santa Monica Mountains..

A not so flattering picture of me, but I figured I needed one in there to document my last days of pregnancy.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I am Opening Up In Sweet Surender...

Before I update everyone with whats going on, I just wanted to say a few words about some changes we made to the blog this last week....

In an effort to generate a little cash flow for our new family, we have adedd a few pages of items for sale. On the left we have adedd a button that will take you to a page featuring my sculptures and other fiber related art work. There you can view and purchase any of the items profiled. I will be updating the page as new items are made. On the right we have adedd a button that will take you to Moss's page featuring his music. There you can download and purchase individual tracks, listen to samples or purchase the c.d. It will also be a place where Moss will post new music he is working on. Hopefully he will also be adding some blog posts now and again. On the right hand side of the page here, further down, we have adedd a few re sale items for purchase, rope sandals and the sacred medicinal herb, Kratom.

Now back to our regularly scheduled blog post....

Today I am 35 weeks pregnant, and yes, believe it or not we are once again changeing care providers. Previously I mentioned how we had settled with the wonderful midwives and staff at South Coast Midwifery. However, a lot of the funds that we were putting towards that had to go to fixing the engine, which was destroyed by some nasty person putting an unknown substance in our tank ( the consensus seems to be powdered sugar). This, coupled with the fact that work is starting later than we had anticpated, has forced us to look elsewhere for an afordable midwife. Our options were becoming slimmer and slimmer, and driving up north, where midwives charge much less was looking like an increasingly likely option. Either that or unassited birth ( moss is not a fan of this idea) or hospital birth ( we both were not a fan of this idea).

I then began calling around, looking for a midwife that was willing to accept what we could pay. I figured since I am so far along, that my chances were good, as I only need a few more pre-natals until the birth. As luck would have it, I found a wonderful nurse midwife, Carrie, who Moss and I both adore and is willing to take us at a very reasonable rate. She has been a midwife since the early 70's and has delivered many hundreds of babies.

Moss has family in southern California who we have been staying with as the bus is being worked on and that is where we will give birth in a few weeks as well. We have made ourselves comfortable in the upstairs bedroom and when I go into labour I only need to call the midwife who will then come and assist. We will probably stay for a month or so afterwards, as we adjust to our new lives and so Moss's family can enjoy Sage. Then in late July probably head up north, though even that's not for certain.

The last year or so that we have been travelling in and around the southern California region, selling our stuff, hanging out on the beach, visiting with Moss's folks off and on and helping them renovate their house to sell. Moss put in a new floor for them, painted, drywalled and various other things. Since we have been comming here with the bus, the neighbors have done nothing but complain, despite the fact that we have moved the bus regularly as per the law. It was here that the vandalism occured to our bus. It seems someone recently called the local paper who then did a small piece on us, which you can read here,

In an effort to present our side of the story, we responded with our own follow up article,

Since the community is a small one and many people read the paper, we are now frequently stopped on the street by folks expressing their condolences,which is a little embarassing. While there have been no leads, there have been a few folks who contacted us asking if they could donate to our bus repairs and encouraging us to put the donation button up. I wanted to say thank you to everyone who sent us words of encouragement, good vibes/prayers and donations, it really helps, every little bit.

As for the bus, it still sits in North Hollywood where it is being worked on. We found an excellent diesel mechanic who is working on it in his off time, after working during the day at a commercial auto repair business. He is giving us a good deal and Moss and I both feel he is very trust worthy.

Meanwhile, we are here in Thousand Oaks with family. I have been feeling the nesting urge so strongly and am finally enjoying time to really settle in and prepare for Sage's birth in (gulp) five weeks. I have created a birth alter and brought some stuff in from the bus to put in the room. Some familar objects that make it feel homey and comfortable. It is so nice to know that all I need to do now is just BE and let my body do it's thing.

I have been senseing an amazing shift in my conciousness lately, and seem to be entering this sort of timeless state where everything is suspended. It is very psychedleic as I see myself almost from above looking down on this woman moving through life in slow motion. It's as if the mommet Sage is born everything will sort of catch up and move at a normal speed. I realize this is my spirit preparing for this great rite of passage, my going from maiden to mother. It amazes me that this will happen so soon, less than five weeks until my life changes in ways that I cannot even begin to fathom....