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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The River Is Flowing, Flowing and Growing.....

Just a quick update to let folks know what is going on with the bus saga...

At this time our bus sits in North Hollywood, gutted and awaiting a new engine. The engine is being shipped from Michigan and should be here by Thursday. If all goes well we should be back on the road by late next week. Now we just have to hope that it is as good an engine as the guy we bought it from claims (gulp). Meanwhile, we have been staying at a dear friends house in Van Nuys and a family member in Ventura County, counting the days until we are once again back in our home.

My belly is getting bigger seemingly by the hour as Sage put s on weight for her impending birth, in one and a half months. I managed to find a wonderful childbirth class for Moss and I to attend. It is in the tradition of Birthing From Within by Pam England. Last night was the first class in Santa Barbara, along with three other couples, all planning natural home births as well. It felt so good to finally be around other pregnant women and to share all the fears and excitement with others who understand. It was good for the dad's too and they are very much included in the class. We practiced using various pain coping techniques while holding ice cubes in tightly clenched fists. It is surprisingly painful. There are three other sessions we will be attending before the end of the month, as well as various other breastfeeding and child care classes I have lined up for us. The Birthing From Within Class is normally 300 and some odd dollars, but the teacher agreed to a partial cash payment and trade of one of my fiber sculptures.

Now that the bus issue is sort of on it's way to being solved, we have to think about how we are going to come up with the money needed to pay for our midwife. It ended up that a good portion of the money we were going to give the midwife, went to get our bus fixed, as without that we are esentialy homeless. On top of that, work is starting up later than we had hoped. There is a slight possibility that we will have to just pay for the service we received thus far, then leave and head up North in May, where midwives are much less expensive (in Oregon state insurance will cover all costs), to have the baby. Then again, the idea of driving all that distance in the bus, bouncing and shaking, in my last month is NOT appealing. Not to mention we really like the people we are with. However, we will do as we must when the time comes. If work picks up soon, which it is expected to any day, then we may not have to do that.

On another note, I have an auction up On Ebay.Below I have included a photo of the piece. If anyone is intrested in any of the fiber art shown now or ever, feel free to contact me for prices and availability.

*Update* ~ "Spirit Wind has sold on Ebay