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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Turn and Face the Strange Changes....

Brace yourselves folks, I have big news and you should be sitting down for this one.

Moss and I are having a baby and it is due June 5 ! I am 14 weeks pregnant at this time !

That's right, you did read correctly. No need to adjust your monitors or reach for your glasses. It is quite a shock to both of us as well, but a rather pleasant one. The truth is, we had decided some time ago that we would probably not have children. The last few years have seen us both soften a bit to the idea, but still, this is a BIG surprise.

We are both very happy and excited though and have been having a great time thinking up names and such. I rather like the name Sage, and Amaya is pretty too. Feel free to send in your suggestions as well !

At this time we are back in California, visiting with Moss's family for the holiday's and sharing our good news, then we head up north to Oregon. I really hate this area, people are so uptight and nasty about our bus. The law states that we can park anywhere in the neighborhood for three days then we have to move it, and drive at least a mile, before parking either in the same spot again or a different one. We have been very good about following this, yet the neighbors still continue to not only harass us but vandalize our bus ! They have spray painted on us, egged us repeatedly, stolen our license plates and put Crazy Glue in our locks ! I fear what will happen next . The cops said they have received dozens of calls, and it seems everyone in town knows of our bus and has an opinion.

The funny thing is, we have been in some very sketchy places, and never, ever have we been vandalized until this place. Keep in mind the area is rather upscale and was voted the safest place in the country a few years in a row. It has the highest concentration of retired cops of anywhere, and yet our bus is repeatedly vandalized ! I am really sick to my stomach about all this, and just cannot believe the amount of obnoxiousness the people in this area display.

We are thinking really hard now about finding a piece of land somewhere for a home base. We still want to travel in the bus with our child, but it would be nice to have a homebase, if even just an empty piece of land we could go to at times to lay some roots. Another option would be to find an intentional community somewhere to become part of, or at the very least renting a spot on someone's land where we can put up a yurt.

So many options ! Which one will we chose ? It's all so overwhelming.

I sometimes feel as though my life is like one of those "Choose Your own Adventure" books. You know the ones, there is a brief short story followed by several possible scenario to choose from. You make your choice and the story continues from another page according to the scenario you picked.

That's how my life is. Just a list of possible choices that I chose from, hoping, but never quite sure if I made the right one, and the only way to find out is to keep reading the book.....