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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words..............

I am finding it very time consuming and tedious to write out the details of our journeys lately. I have therefore decided, in the intrest of saving time and keeping things updated, to include more pictorial entries with my posts.

That is not to say I will no longer be writing the details of our adventures at all, just that there will be more posts with pictures only in the future.

Besides, I rather like photography, and I am shure most folks are more intrested in the pics anyway.

So, without any further ado, I present, for your viewing pleasure , the highlights of our last month of travels..........

Here is a pic of the free campsite we stayed at in washington state.We stayed there almost two weeks and throughly enjoyed it. We swam in the lake every day and I spent hours felting ang dyeing, combing the surounding forest for dye plants . Moss had fun practicing his banjo and wrote some new songs.

Some st Johnswort I found fry dyeing wool.

Here I am preparing the fresh st Johnswort for the dyepot.

Freshly dyed wool drying on the line .

Pic of our bus from the campsite (we couldnt pull the bus down).

A beautiful shot of the full moon (almost) rising on the lake.Notice the other strange lights as well.Especially the odd looking object under the moon.Hmmm........

Here is one of the sculptures I made at the campground.

Another shot of my newest creation.

Here is a pic of how our bus is comming along lately.Obviously we have lots of finishing work to do ( like the mosaic on the hearth I have been working on forever ). On the wall is some of the yarn I recently made.

This is at the farieworld festival in oregon.Our friends got us on the work crew and we got to go in for free and I managed to sell two of my dolls there ! It was loads of fun.

After the festival we visted friends and hung around Eugene for a week or so.This is a pic of Moss and some friends of ours on a trip to cougar and Hidden lake.

We had fun playing around on an old barge that someone had nailed together from old logs.We then tied it to a canoe and pulled it all around the lake. We got off on the other side and went for a nice hike.

A really neat plant I found on the hike.

Pippin suns himself on the floor of the bus. I know it looks like he is dyeing,but really he loves it.Starlings are very much sun worshipers.

This is a view of Mt shasta ( northern california.) , as we make our way down to southern cal for some more initiative work.