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Thursday, May 31, 2007


Hi folks just another quick update here. I am just a few days away from my June 5th due date and still no baby.

I continue to enjoy my nesting time, which is really kicking in hard lately . Everything is finally in place and I am feeling closer to being ready, or as ready as a person can be anyway. We have our birth tub, clothes, cloth diapers, special labor food, candles, our Ipod birthing playlist, including Moss's new song, "Song of Sage" , which we will play for her as she is being birthed. I even had time to make some wool diaper covers out of old sweaters. My friend Jackie, who is an amazing photographer will be present during the birth and taking pictures. Holly, Moss's sister will also be there as well as his mom. At the very moment of birth however, I am hoping it will be just Moss, Sage and I.

The only thing left to do now is give birth and begin the rest of my life...

To say things are becomming sureal would be an understatement , as I hoover in this strange sort of timeless place, awaiting and still unable to completely grasp the immensity of the fact that within the next week or so I will be a mom. A MOM ! I imagine it is rather like a moth or butterfly in a cocoon awaiting to emerge. Yes, it seems in giving birth, I give birth not just to a new soul but also to a part of myself.

Moss and I have been enjoying our last days together as a couple in a sort of melencholy way. Things will never be the same for us and we are just trying to honour this time as much as possible. We have had nearly 15 years though of just being with each other and spending time together. That is so much more than most people ever have together, before having kids. It is definitely time to spread the love around.

As for the bus it is finally finished and seems to be working quite well. It is curently parked in front of the house here at Moss's folks, where we will be birthing...any day now. Stay tuned ...

I love this picture of Moss, taken on a recent visit to the nearby Santa Monica Mountains..

A not so flattering picture of me, but I figured I needed one in there to document my last days of pregnancy.


missy said...

you look fabulous! i cant wait to see her and be a great aunt!

LindaSue said...

Been waiting to hear from you and how you and things are coming along.

Just happened along and found your blog and have read all. Enjoyed it much. Led me to start my own called CreationsbyLSM.

I sure am glad the bus is done. From what I have seen it is a great job. In my yonger days I always wanted a VW Bus to convert into a camper and paint flowers all over.I am one of those old time hippies.

Take care. Having a child is one of the most special things in the world. I had two and both were so special in their own way.

Will wait for the next post.

Tasman said...

I am so happy for you guys! I have really enjoyed following your journal and will continue to do so. Congratulations!! I can't wait to see Sage's first internet appearance.

Linda said...

Beautiful pregnant mama! I hope your birth is everything you need it to be.

annie said...

My husband and I have been following your blog for some time.
I just now realised that I can leave a comment!
You both have given us hope to start traveling and converting a bus of our own.
I am so happy for you and moss!
You look beautiful and glowing. I cant wait to see photos of sage.
love annie (and cody)

MOM said...

To My Dearest Baby Girl,
The photo of you is awesome! You look just wonderful, peaceful and content. I wish with all my heart that I could be there with you as a Mother should. IAM with in my heart and my soul. I guess I really can't call you my babygirl anymore.
All My Love MOM
talk to you soon