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Sunday, February 19, 2006

A quick Note...

Just a quick note to say that Moss and I will be without a computer for the next ten days or so as it will be in the shop for repairs. So I apologize in advance for any unanswered emails.

Also, we have added a new section, by request from some readers. It is "About Us" on the left pannel and provides a more detailed profile of Moss and I, pictures of our tipi and yurt homes and profiles and pictures of our whole flock as well as Gaia, our dog of thirteen years.

We will take lots of photos and have many stories to tell at next update..

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You two seem to be living a nice life. I hope the reality of that life is as enjoyable as it sounds. My wife and I might try something like it – when we are retire. I hope, then, our finances will be as liberated as our spirits are now.

We will keenly be observing your adventures, travails, and triumphs. You two could be harbingers of our own experiences. I purchased Moss’s cd. I’m looking forward to its arrival.

itinerant sojourner