May the long time sun shine upon you, all love surround you and the pure light within you, guide your way on "~Incredible String Band

Saturday, October 23, 2004

On our Way............

We left Washington state a few days ago for Florida. It feels good to finally be on the road, especially after all the difficulties we had there.

First....on the way to Washington from California our power steering belt snapped. We had planned to get it fixed in Washington. Unfortunately, before we could, on one of those beautiful, rainy northwest nights Moss hydroplanned and because the power steering was out he could not conrol the car well. He ran off the road, hitting a tree and nearly totaling the car, thankfully he was not harmned. It cost about 700 dollars to fix it.

Then about two hours after we set off for Florida, the hood flew up, smashing the window into a million pieces ! The latch was destroyed in the previous accident and the fellow who fixed it said we would do fine with a bungy cord~ yeah right, lesson learned. It was very scary as were on a narrow mountain road in Washington, Moss was able to see enough to carefully coast to the side of the road. After much screaming and hollering about our terrible luck we gathered our wits about us and made our way to the nearest town.There we met some very nice kids who helped us find a place to fix our window.

People in that state are SO nice I noticed. I relly love this region.This whole fiasco cost us 300 bucks !! Ahh well,....such is life on the road, the ups and the downs. We are doing fine now and are somewhere in Utah. Everyone is settled in and enjoying the ride.The birds love looking out the windows as we go, and singing along to the music. More later.......