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Friday, October 29, 2004

We arive........

Finally, we have arrived here in Brooksville Florida.We have been anticipating and dreaming of this day for almost a year now,when finally we get to see our bus and meet our internet friends! Greg and his wife Elaine are so kind !

We met Greg last November through the internet. I posted on a school bus conversion site that I was looking to purchase a school bus. Greg replied that he had a bus in great condition, with a rebuilt engine in fact and that he would sell it to us for 1,500. After a brief correspondence we decided to go ahead and purchase the bus and sent the first payment of 500 dollars. Greg held the bus for us at his place in Florida . He is a great guy and is allowing us to work on the bus at his place,and is even advising us on how to go about the conversion process.

If any of you are looking for school buses,Greg is your man,

He has many to chose from, long ones, short ones, city buses, school buses, diesel, gas , you name it. His prices are more than reasonable,and he will even drive it to you for an extra charge.

We are staying in our van as we work on the conversion, and have been here for three days already. So far, we have taken out some of the seats,and it has not been easy as the seats are bolted through the floor, requiring myself to crawl around on the ground with a wrench,while Moss unscrews it from above. There are three bolts to each leg and each one a different size !! Not shure why that is, but it is truly annoying. It is going to take longer than we thought to get the seats out,but just the fact that we are here and finally working on our home, is so exciting.

More later, it's time to retire to the van for the night.........

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