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Sunday, November 14, 2004

Another Busy Day, and An Unexpected Guest........

Today was a beautiful fall day here in the Sunshine state. It was nice and cool with a good breeze,which made our work that much more enjoyable.

My good friend Alan from C.A requested that we post a pic of the ceiling. Maybe he has some ideas for securing the 1x8x16 tongue and groove up there.

Today, with the help of our neighbor friend Lydia ( Elaines grand daughter) we were able to put in the plastic sheeting,which will act as a vapor barrier. Moss got the plywood cut and we laid it in place. Tomorrow we will screw it all down.

Finishing up with the subfloor is a big hallmark for us ! It finally looks and feels like we have accomplished something here.

In other news........

For about a week now there has been a sweet kitty hanging around here. It seems he has decided to move in with us and likes to sit in the bus as we work. He even tries to come in the van at night to sleep. He was very hungry so we have taken to feeding him. It is pretty obvious that he is homeless, though was once very much loved.

The neighbors believe he used to belong to a lady who lived alone down the street. Last week, about three days before he showed up, she was found dead in her house. They had it all roped off and cops everywhere. No one knows the cause of death, hopefully natural.

We would like to take him with us but he has already tried to kill Joseph, the conure, twice . We are thinking maybe of just taking him to C.A with us. We know of a certain red headed woman in Newbury Park who may want to adopt her (wink, nod).

Gaia (our dog) is enjoying herself here as well, especially the lake. Unfortunately I was informed recently that there is a five foot alligator that enjoys the lake as well, so no more lake for Gaia.

I have been trying to get Moss to post something here, but he insists he does not write well and that I should write all the posts. I think his writing style is fine though, and that the difference in our styles would make it more interesting. I'll keep working on him.

Stay tuned...........


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