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Sunday, November 28, 2004

Curtains, Curtains, Everywhere !

For a some time now we have been wondering what we would do about curtains.We have a LOT of windows, 24 in fact, and material is expensive.

After looking around at various fabric stores we realized it would be over a hundred dollars for enough fabric to cover all the windows. We decided to try the goodwill down the road, they often have bits and pieces of disacreded fabric, maybe we would find something good ?

Well, it must have been our lucky day because in the fabric bin was not one but TWO bundles of a very nice, natural looking, linen blend fabric. Each bundle was aprox 17 feet long and 60 some inches wide.

Our grand toatal ? A mere twelve dollars for thirty four feet of fabric! Now, I just had to hand sew all 24 curtains !

As much as I always wanted to be, I have never been a good seamstress. I love the idea of creating clothes and stuff from fabric, and have tried many times to perfect this skill, or at least get started, but to no avail. My creations would always come out uneven or too big.There is just way to much mathematics and figuring involved .

My brain seems to do better with more intuitive arts like sculpting, singing, weaving and spinning.

None the less, we do need curtains, so I set to work at once, cutting and pinning everything in place, besides, maybe something will finally click this time with sewing.

Lydia, our friend and neigbor came over while I was working and really wanted to help. I showed her how to pin the hems down and she pinned everything while I cut and measured. We had a great time pinning, cutting, and listening to Donovan while Moss cut boards for the wall .

Lydia,who lives next door with her Grandmother ( Gregs wife ) is a very special little girl. She is only eight years old and is very bright. She loves the birds and is always wanting to make bird houses for Astra and Pipin,the starlings.

She is also the only one (besides Moss and I) that Casper has ever allowed to touch him. I showed her how to work with him using treats and praise and she comes every day after school to help us on the bus and to play with him. They play peekaboo (Casper says "Peekaboo !", and hides his head), dance, sing ( yes, he sings too ) and play catch with the ball. Still, he will not sep up for her,but I wouldn't be suprised if she eventually gets him too. She is amazing with those birds, and so patient.

She has other gifts too, like the aility to see spirits, and things that have not yet happened. On several ocasions Lydia has foretold things that there was no way she could have known. It's pretty much a fact around here that she has the gift of sight, just like her Grandmother, Elaine.

Elaine is a full- blown natural psychic as well, and has predicted car wrecks, deaths, and has even on one ocasion helped a total stranger connect with their deceased daughter. They are remarkable people.One of the things I love most about traveling is all the neat people one has the oportunities to meet.

When I am stationary for long periods of time, I seem to fall into a sort of rutt. Everything becomes so predictable and my possibilities limited.It's as though I am a horse with blinders on, allowed only to see what lies directly in front of me.

When travelling, I am able to take the blinders off and open myself up to all possibilities and experiences. It forces one to live in the momment,where anything is possible and every choice you make can take you in a radically different direction.

Therefore we must listen carefully, consider our options and chose well........

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