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Saturday, November 20, 2004

A Great Find...............

This last week has once again been very busy. We did a lot of running around, checking out salvage and recycling yards, rv stores and spending lots of time (and money, LOL) at Home Depot.

On one trip to a local salvage yard, we found the most beautiful antique door. It was in an old, dirty, outbuilding,with literally hundreds of old doors stacked from floor to ceiling. We were flipping through one of the many upright piles when I spied this door, at the very bottom of the heap.

"This is the the door of my dreams ! ", I cried (o.k, so I am a bit over dramatic) .

I had for some time envisioned an old wooden door with a piece of stained glass in it, in place of our curent standard bus door. This looked very similar to the one I had imagined !

It is heavy, probably solid mahogany . In the center is a beautiful stained glass piece and on the bottom are two separate, hand carved Indonesian style designs. It is very old, most likely from the 20's or 30's and must have been sitting there for quite some time . I was sure he would want a fortune for it. Luckily it already had a sticker on it indicating the price at 40 dollars. I couldnt believe how cheap it was, and neither could the owner, but he did honour the price.

We will need to cut it down a bit to fit our bus, and make some other changes to the existing door frame, but it will look great . At that same place we found an rv bathtub for 60 bucks, not too bad considering they usually go for over a hundred.

On a later trip to an rv surplus store we purchased a new rv oven /range and kitchen sink.

Getting the pipes for the woodstove however, has been one expensive nightmare . We needed to purchase some insulated stove pipe and a leg for our Lopi Patriot stove, but they only sold through a dealer. Let me tell you, it is not an easy thing to find a woodstove dealer in Florida !!

After searching around a bit we finally found one, but it was an hour away. We waited for six hours while the sales lady figured out what parts we would need for our stove, only to have the stove pipe manufacturer refuse to sell us the pipe because we did not want to buy the three feet of outside pipe he claimed we needed. Frustrated, we bought our stove leg and left.

Luckily we were able to buy stovepipe frpom another place, not quite as far away. We bought triple walled to go through the ceiling, with about a foot of outside pipe, then single wall down to the stove. It will be a very safe set up. Total cost = 300 bucks !! Stovepipe is very exspensive.

The stove will be on a small, raised platform, with a heat resistant wall on one side.We will tile the whole thing with broken bits and pieces we got from a local tile store. They gave them to us for next to nothing. I think we'll also do the walls and ceiling around the bathtub like that as well.

We didn't accomplish to much inside the bus this week as we have been so busy running around trying to find materials.We did get the wall supports on and some electrical wire in. Tomorrow we will begin work on the woodstove platform and maybe some furniture !! All for now................

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