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Saturday, November 13, 2004

Our Floor Arrived !!!

Our floor and ceiling wood has arrived !!! It's so beautiful !!!

We shoped around quite a bit to find the right wood and prices . Amazingly we were able to find 1x6x16 tounge and groove hard pine for nine dollars a board. That price is SO good. We were assured from the compny that it is tree farm wood, as we do not believe in disrupting natural forest eco sysyems to obtain lumber. Let "em plant tree farms !!! Hopefully, they were telling us the truth.

For the ceiling we will use 1x8x16 tounge and groove,we just need to find a way to secure it to the ceiling.So,..if anyone has any ideas.......... We will probably need to bolt it through the roof.

Today we are working on the floor insulation,then we'll do the plywood. Greg had drive up North to pick up a school bus and deliver one to another place. He all over the country to buy buses then fixes them up and re sells them. He'll be gone for a few days, but we have plenty to do until he returns. Hopefully he'll be here for the electrical stuff.

It feels so good to be learning as much as we are. Moss and I actually have very little experience with construction related things, so this is a big education for us. One great thing is that when we are done we will know how to fix everything and where it all is.

The weather is still nice and cool, but the mosquitos are HELL ! I worry so much about the birds getting West Nile. Right now they are outside in their big cages during the day and in the car at night in their small cages. I will be releived when we can get them inside for good.

Gotta get bck to work now,......................


Anonymous said...

thanx for inviting me to your blog. jennifer ratafia, you continue to amaze me! moss, you continue to smell funny. jest jesting! it warms my cockles to see you two's dreams coming to fruition. you fruits. love, Hate
(aka riddle-o)
p.s. i won't be insulted if you erased this message. i jest can't resist teasing you guys. you're too cool, gotta bring ya down a notch 8^)

Unknown said...

Ahhh,....our dear friend Riddle Flow On,gotta love your special brand of cynicism.

Erase your heckling messages ??? Never !!! It is one of the many reasons we love you !!!

Thanks for the reality check,...your right we are too cool......LOL ~ Pix

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the Blogosphere, Guys!

Keep those pictures coming. It's really cool to be able to follow your exciting quest.