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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Still going strong......

The last few days have found us real busy, we have accomplished quite bit.

We had taken off the side panels a few days ago, and now have installed a layer of R5 foam insulation. Later we will add yet another layer, as well as insulation for the floor and ceiling. We then set about building the sub floor. First we bolted a series of 1x2 studs to the floor, then we tarred the whole thing with roofing tar.

School buses are known to have serious condensation problems, so taring the floor was real important in keeping out water and helping to create a vapor barrier.

The weather has been a bit cooler, which has made it so much nicer to work and sleep in. Our days usually begin around 7:00 am. We emerge from our van, enjoy a cup of Yerba Mate while listening to Air America on our XM satellite radio. We then set to work,often putting on some good tunes to move us along. Bluegrass is a fovorite, usually Bill Monroe or the Osbourne Brothers . Donovan, of course is also a favorite as well as Moody Blues,radiohead or Grateful Dead . Yes, music is a huge part of our working on the bus, and we have a lot to chose from.

We stop for dinner around 5:00 and often go back to work, or will visit with Elaine, Gregs wife and chat a bit. She is so sweet and will often bring us over homemade mac and cheese for lunch. She also has offered to let us take showers in her house,which has been SO great. It is amazing how filthy we get in just one day of work.

Bedtime is around 10:00, which is bout now, so I'll be signing off. Night..........

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