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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Howdy folks. It's been a few weeks since I have been able to write, and there is much to report.......

We have finished the wood stove heath, almost finished the bench and I am now working on the tile mosaic for the hearth, while Moss is starting on the bird cages. It is going much slower than we originally thought it would,we are now hoping, maybe, to be finished by Febuary. Greg has been real sick (he has Lupus) and has not been able to help us much lately,but we are figuring it all out just fine, so far..

The days are getting shorter and suprisingly cold for Florida. It is actually supposed to freeze tomorow. It is nice though, and makes sleeping in the van more comfortable than it was back in the balmy, mosquito infested nights of October (gosh, has it been that long ?).

We hope,within the next two weeks to be able to get the bird cages done and move our bed into the back of the bus. This way,we can sell the van.We already have a buyer for it for 1000.We would then have to drive the bus around town for errands and such,which could be a bit hectic. It will however,be running on FREE, CLEAN burning , RECYCLED veggie oil, ~ coutesy of the local American legion.

Originally we had hoped to purchase a car to tow behind, but our curent finaces no longer allows for that possibility, at this time.

Speaking of our finances,.........

We ran out of cash a week and a half ago.

All the money we had saved up for the bus conversion, about 5000, had dwindled down to about 200, with the bus only half completed.We needed some fast money and started looking for work.

There is a local health food store here in town that Moss and I had visited several times.The owner, Joe, is a great guy and we chatted with him whenever we went in.

Maybe he needed sales help ? It was worth a shot.

On our next trip ,we were standing in line,waiting to check out and preparing to inquire about work. It was then that Joe aproached us and asked if we needed some work, as he had some garden stuff that he really needed done, and he was to busy at the store.

How perfect! It is amazing how things have a way of just working out when we just live in the momment and follow our bliss.

Anyway, that was a week or so ago.We are now working on a new project for him. Joe is opening a co -op in downtown Brooksville, and has bought all the shelves from a local Excerds that has gone out of business. Our job is to take apart every shelf and isle way, stack all the pieces, put them on pallet boards and shrink wrap them.There must be over a 1000 shelves !

Moss and I have a key and work there during the days by ourselves, it is actually a lot of fun, and should take at least another three days.

So, it looks like we will have a good amount of work for the next few months, plus the thousand for the van.That should give us just enough to finish the bus and a little extra to live on while we are in the Keys making things to sell at art shows.

In the meantime,we'll keep chippin away on the bus, here in Brooksville Fla.

Stay tuned folks, things are just getting intresting..........

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