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Thursday, December 16, 2004

Our Dirty Little Secret.............

All right, I can't stand it any longer. Moss and I have a confession to make.

We have been hanging out at the local American Legion on Fri nights ( Karaoke night ), and have now become regulars.

It all started rather innocently. Greg and Elaine, especially Greg, is really into karaoke. He goes every fri and sat. They were always , much to our dismay, asking us to go with. Greg drives one of the buses and everybody, Greg, Elaine, Lydia and sometimes Grandma and Grandpa, all jump in and head off to the Legion.

Finally,one night we agreed. We actually had a great time, and before we knew it one night turned into a weekly thing and we are now regulars on American Legion karaoke Nights.

At first, Moss and I definitely felt out of place. Nearly everyone is over 60 and republican. We got some very disaproving looks at first, with Moss's strange hair and me with a ring in my nose, we certainly stood out, but we didn't let that bother us one bit.

Moss really broke the ice and shook the house, so to speak,when he took to the dance floor for the Bee Gees, Staying Alive. Many folks stopped just to watch him.

For those of you who know Moss and have seen him dance you know why. Moss is an exceptional dancer. I mean, really,really good, and it is hard for anyone not to watch him when he is dancing.

After he was done the announcer complimented him and people were comming up left and right high fiveing him.

One ole' gal gave me a nudge and a wink and commented , " He really got these ole fuddy's moveing in here, eh ? "

Folks were talking about that for weeks.

The biggest star at the Legion though by far, has got to be Fitz.

I swear this guy must have had a gig in Vegas at one time. He is one Cool cat. Cool like in a early Vegas, Rat pack kind of a way.

When Fitz arrives the announer states, "Ladies and Gentleman, Fitz has just entered the building" and everyone cheers.

When he gets up to do "His " song Frank Sinatras, My Way, the crowd goes wild. Everyone cheers and all the old ladies wave their hankies in the air. He struts around the place, in and out of the tables singing and dancing at the ladies. Everyone has a great time.

He is quite a character,and has the distinct honour of being the oldest legion member at 95 years old.

Lydia enjoys the legion as well, though by law she has to leave by 9:00 . She is an excellent dancer, and is always practicing at home. She says she wants to be a movie star and a dancer when she grows up. I believe she will be.

Yes, it's not a place we would usually hang out, and yes, it IS heavily conservative, but we do have a good time when we go. We try to look at everything as a new opportunity to experience something totally different.

After all, isnt that what travel is all about, isn't that kind of what were doing ?? Isn't that what life is about ??

Sighning off from rural Weeki Wachee Fl ~ Pix

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