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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Well, we finally finished with the Eckerds job for Joe. It took a lot longer than anyone excpected ( everything always does), but the extra money is definitely a blessing right now.

We did manage to get a lot done on the bus though, despite all our other work ,and I finally have some pics to post.Moss has completed one bird cage and is now working on the secound one. The bench is complete except for some cushions ( I need to find a nice fabric) and arm rests.

For for the arm rests we are thinking we would like to use pieces of sanded and varnished, twisty oak brances.The bottom part of the bench,going down to the floor will be hard pine tounge and groove wood.

The woodstove is IN and functional, and just in time ! Last night was 28 degrees here in Weeki Wachee !

For the hearth we built a raised platform and two heat walls on either side. They are made of cement board on 1 " spacers. This creates an air space and protects the wall from over heating and causing a fire. In addition I am creating a tile mosaic out of broken tile bits from a local flooring place.This will further help in reducing heat transfer to the back wall.The stove is bolted on all four legs through two two by fours and out through the bottom of the bus.

The stove pipe is single walled up to the roof, then we installed a double walled/insulated roof jack where it meets the roof and an extra foot of double insulated stove pipe on the outside. That double wall is expensive at one hundred bucks a foot ! It was a very important step though, as our ceiling, when we are done will be made of tounge and groove pine wood and we want to make shure we dont burn up !

We are really trying to do things right and be as safe as possible here.
Carbon Monoxide poisoning is another concern and you better believe we will be installing a CO monitor and propane detector.

With the bird cages almost complete we were finally able to move our bed into the back of the bus and out of the van .Last night was our first night sleeping in the bus. We started up the woodstove and it was quite cozy. The draw was fine , as was the venting.

With the bed in the back, and the living room and bird cages in, at least everything is in its place and dare I say, things are beginning to feel a tad bit homey around here.

Now we just need to build the kitchen, woodbox,toilet, bathtub, bedroom, install tounge and groove floor,insulate ceiling and cover with tounge and groove, do the fresh and black water sytems, all the numerous cabinets and bookshelves, do the veggie oil engine conversion, propane and electric systems, paint the bus and install window screens and curtains on all windows.

Oh yes, I left something out, and this may come as a suprise to some of you, but, .....


Every project must be resecrched and consulted on before hand. This, obviously adds a lot of time, and might I add, pressure.

We'll just keep breathing deeply,taking it one step at a time, and try not to look at the big picture..........

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