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Sunday, January 16, 2005

Now that the holidays are over Moss and I have really been able to dig in our heals and are really starting to et things done aound here.

As I mentioned in a previous post, both bird cages are now finished, and look beautiful if I do say so myself.

Our new project is the kitchen counter and cupboards, something we have both been dreading.A few weeks back I met a fellow at Home Depot who does custom cabinentry and kitchens. His work is exsquisite. Moss and I got to talking with him and discovered we are kindred spirits, he being a rather ecentric gypsy type as well. We asked him for advice on how to best build our kitchen area, and he responded that he would do better than that, he would give us some FREE Corian counter tops material that he had laying around AND help us install it !!

Corian we discovered is REALLY nice stuff and to get it for FREE, well, need I say more ?? He gave us his card and told us to call him when we were ready.

Unfortunately, luck was not on our side , as we discovered weeks later, and much to our dissapointment, that we had LOST his card !! We looked everywhere,but it just was not to be found.

After the shock wore off and the realization set in that we were going to have to brave this counter top thing alone, we started brain storming.

I need to reiterate something here for you though,in case anyone forgot,.......

Moss and I have NO clue what we are doing and have never really built anything by ourselves before, well,...anything that did't look like the Honey Comb Hideout school of construction.

We figured for the bus we would have someone there to tell us every step of the way what to do, that someone was supposed to be Greg. While Greg has been extremely helpful in many very practical and technical manners, and will be in the future, especially when it comes to the propane sytem, he has not really been able to assist us as much as either he or we thought he would.Health reasons have laid him up and business has taken him away on travel a good deal of the time. Also, though I tried to warn him before hand he really did not think we were as inept as I had told him. Ocasionaly though we are able to get him to come in for a few minutes once in awhile and run our plans by him, and he advise us.

Anyway, so Moss and I set down and drew up a plan, and are finding that we really are a perfect team. While I am totally brain dead when it comes to measuring and cutting we have discovered I am quite good at desighning and architecture and he very good at the craftman ship. So, I help figure out how it will all go together and Moss does the actual building.

Together we make one fully functioning brain !! LOL !

We spent a good deal of time trying to decide what type of counter top we actually wanted. Formica was out because it was to modern looking, we are going for a real "earthy" look here.

A nice oak wood counter with a thick layer of poly eurathane might be nice too. The again, there is a lot of wood in this bus, and it might be nice to break that up a bit and add some color.

What about tile , we thought ? Ahh,..but what kind of tile ?? A quick trip to the tile store revealed many types of tile, cermic, stone, glazed, unglazed and every color imaginable.

We eventualy chose a nice stone tile, I believe it is tumbled marble. Very nice and natural looking.

Yesterday we were able to install our fridge and propane oven .It is SOOO nice to have the fridge in here. The oven/range still needs to be hooked up, but is in place.

The only thing left to do in the kitchen then is finish the tile, build in some overhead cabinets / shelves and some staining and sanding.

Next project , bathroom.

Stay tuned.............

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