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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

The Wheel Turns...............

Yes,..I know it's been quite a bit of time since my last post, please forgive me,....but I have lots of good exscuses. Really, I do.

We have been drawn into a rather large,involved dramma here in Weeki Wachee Fl. I want to respect the privacy of those involved, namly the kind folks who are allowing us to convert our bus on their property. So without going into much further detail I will just say it involves a clear cut case of flat out harassment by the dept of children and family services,to the extent that if I had not been here to witness it first hand,I would have never believed it.

Witness it we did, and Moss and I will be testifying to that in a court of law in March.

Because of all this mayhem the folks who have been allowng us to work on our bus on their property,were forced to move. Being the kind people they are,they allowed us to move to another nearby property that they own. It is much nicer with lots of oak trees and a minature horse that has the run off the place. Her name is Sweetie Pie and she really is just that. I will be posting pics of her.

The only difficulty is that we do not have wifi or any other type of net access there.So,......we are forced to drive to her old place and sit in the driveway to pick up a signal.

Which we gladly do, for you dear reader, though we will not be able to post as often as we would like.

On the bus front, we have made a bit more progress. We have finished the kitchen, raised the bed and almost finished the propane system. Next we start on the vegie oil engine conversion.

I have done some more work on the tile mosaic also,though it still has a long way to go.

Thats about it for now, looks we will be here at least another month.We are however,going to try very hard to make the Ocala Rainbow gathering.

We'll see.................

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