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Monday, March 14, 2005

An end in Sight................

Just a quick update on the bus progress, since yesterday all I did was scream about George W. Dumbass (urgh...)

Anyway, we have completely finished the veggie oil conversion and are working out a few kinnks ( air in the system). Moss ( yes, he has finally agreed to post on something !!) will be posting on it in detail and he is still writing it all up, so look for that in a few days.

Due to circumstances beyond our control, most notably rain, we have had to push our launch date back another week. When we leave we will be running on veggie oil and hope to do so all the way to C.A. We will be looking for places with free wifi connections and posting about our progress along the way.

This week we managed to complete our little sound modification project in the front of the bus. You see, the 9.0 L diesel is a VERY loud engine and we could barely hear each other when it is going, and more importantly we cant hear our music. So Moss decided to build a wall and box thingy in the front of the bus ,under the dash. He built a wall,stuffed it with insulation,then built a box around that, stuffed it with insulation then mounted our c.d player and xm satellite radio in that. It seems to have quieted the engine noise quite a lot.I have posted pics of the first stages, but do not have any at this time of the last stages. I will post them shortly.

Besides that we mostly put up some more t&g and worked on the engine.Since we will not be able to finish the interior before we leave ,most of the wood will have to go in the middle of the floor,along with our water tanks (groan).

Thats about it for now, will update more later. I am off to bed...............

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