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Saturday, April 23, 2005

On the Road Again.............

Just a quick note to let everyone know we are not still sitting at a truckstop in Misisippi.

A day or so after my last post I had a great idea.I decided to post on one of the veggie boards asking if there was anyone near by who may be able to shed some light on our engine problem.A wonderful person named Pat responded that he lived in the area and would come by. Meanwhile Moss continued to tinker in the engine and found that the fuel line had a whole in it and the fuel pump was broken.

Problem solved.

Pat arives shortly after with his mom and dad following in another car.What wonderful people,to respond to a total stranger on the internet,then drive out to help us !

Anyway, they drove Moss around to get the parts then Pat and Moss installed everything.In a few hours we were back on the road again.

We said goodbye to our new friends and hit the road.Everything went well until Texas when Moss misplaced the laptop, which was inevitably stolen.That is why there has not been an updtae.Sigh.....

We cruised on veggie oil the rest of the way until in Arizona, a truck tire from a nearby semi blew and took out our veggie tank.Sigh..... life on the road,..gotta love it..

We needed to re do major parts of it anyway,most notabley the tank,so it's not to terrible.It's just that now we need to do it sooner,and buy a laptop.

I have lots of great pics of our stop in New Orleans and much more,but alas I cannot post them until we get a new computer,sometime within the next few weeks.

We are in C.A at present,and will be for the next few weeks.Then we need to find a place on this coast to plug in so we can finish our bus work.If anyone out there has a place where we could do that,on the west coast,we would be happy pay for electric and rent for a few weeks.We just need a place to park and an outlet to plug in the saw.

I want to just say to all our friends in C.A....please do not be offended that we have not contacted you all right away.We only have a week or two of work here left and we need to focus on that day and night.As soon as that is done though,....we have a lot of visits to make....

Until Later......Pixie


ecstacykat said...

hey. my name is mary.I am totally down with the process. Id love to learn more see you bus. come plug in if your in oregon and don't mind looking at the log trucks in roseburg. write me and ill give you my home number and directions.
Bliss up.
myths are alive!

Anonymous said...

Hey there Pixie and Moss :D My name is Ronnie (aka Mable) from British Columbia, Canada. I found Pixie's cloth dolls through some other site, then found my way to your blog. I just wanted to tell you that I think what you're doing is incredible. As an old hippie who never actualized her own dreams into reality I'm here to say that you'll both have wonderful memories to share with your grandchildren. Kudos to you, and may you have many blessings along the way . . . Mable