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Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy 2007 !

Happy 2007 everyone !

Moss and I are still here, rambling around southern California in the bus. We have been spending a bit more time with family lately as we decide where to have our baby.That is the big question right now, as I am 19 weeks pregnant, halfway through my is going so fast.

We know the kind of birth we want, a midwife assited waterbirth, preferably in nature, and near the bus. The problem is that the state insurance here will not pay for a midwife. In Oregon, where we have previously lived for many years, the insurance will help pay for a midwife, at least partially. Here though, we have family, which is important to us. In oregon, lots of wonderful friends.

If we do got to oregon though, it turns out that it will likely be in March, as that is the soonset that the insurance will help out. That gives us a bit more time to figure out things here. If our cash flow is good by then, we may just be able to pay out the 4000 bucks for the midwife. We'll just have to see. Meanwhile I am seeing an OBGYN monthly, doing lots of reading, yoga, and will be attending natural childbirth clasess.

It looks as though we will be renovating the bus, hopefully before June. We want to put an addition on the top, probably an old VW shell, that will serve as our bedroom. The back will become a playroom for the baby. We have lots of other ideas as well, but most of them will not be done by June.

We spent New Years at the park, exploring, meditating and just being. We said fare well to 2006,in a somewhat melencholy way, knowing full well that things will never, ever be the same in our lives. It was goodbye to life as we know it, goodbye to our life as a couple.

We greeted 2007 however with great joy, anticipating all the wonderful ways our life will change in this year, the year of the birth of our child. There will be a third person with us, always, we will be three, and no matter how may times I think of this and imagine what it will be like, i just cannot fathom. Three.

A magic number indeed....


Anonymous said...

I just happened upon your journal, It's a long story how, but a google search of bus gypsy's and this is what happened. We had a water birth with Nora, we had an amazing midwife and a wonderful experience, I had a friend who couldn't get a midwife (here in ontario they're free, so there's a waiting list) so she got a doula, which is cheaper and an amazing person to have by your side before during, and after. Whatever you do I hope it's beautiful,
Many blessings,

Anonymous said...

congrats guys on the baby! your mom just told me tonight jen, been away for awhile! i love reading about your life. it sounds wonderful and some of the pix you post are just awesome! by the way this is your aunt missy!

Anonymous said...

Goddess bless you both. I'm so happy for you. Wow it must have been a long time since I've checked here that I missed this wonderful news :D
Three indeed is a magickal number.

Heather said...

I came upon this blog from your flickr page after searching for bus conversion photos. I'm reading through your past journeys and stories and love it!! I'm hoping to do the same as you, convert a bus to live in, run on veggie oil, and then travel the country with my husband and son for a few years, doing odd jobs and massage part-time for income. My son is just a few weeks older than your daughter (and was very unplanned blessing as well). I had a midwife and was gonna have a homebirth, but a health condition came up and I had to have a terrible complicated c-section. :( I look forward to reading through the remainder of your blog, thanks so much for sharing your life on here, it's very inspiring. Peace and love, Heather