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Friday, July 18, 2008


I am writing this quickly from a computer store in oregon. We are not dead but our computer has been for the past month. We made it to Oregon with the bus and are camping in the woods in abeautiful remote spot in southern Oregon near a river . Hopefully we will have the money to fix our computer shortly. We will be here for the next few weeks then will be heading to Eugene for the Faerie Worlds Festival.I have lots of updates and pictures to share from the past few months.

The sales guy is shooting me looks so I better get off......


Mindy said...

So glad to see you guys surface again! Sorry to hear about your computer troubles! We have had some too and it stinks, you have my total sympathy! Can't wait for an update!

Anonymous said...

De-lurking to say I was thrilled to see a new post today.
I really enjoy reading about your family and the intentionality of the life you are leading. It's very different from my life, but very inspiring, too.

I look forward to more posts and send you all positive thoughts.

Jack said...

Been perusing your site for awhile. Very glad that you are actually back. Can't wait for the pics.


Unknown said...

Oh my your story sounds familiar!
I've been thinking of you, but for some reason every email I send bounces back and in a lack of brains I didn't think of posting to your blog until now.

I hope you are well and get your computer fixed soon!

We dropped our plans to head west and are headed east now, but will be on the west coast by late spring.


Half Moon Alice said...

hi pixie and moss. we are also in southern oregon near a river. so glad yous made it out of cali. we have been thinking about you guys and sending warm thoughts to wherever you are. I hope you get your computer fixed sometime soon maybe we can connect. we might be going to eastern washington soon?! we'll be passing through eugene, but not sure when. We'd really like to see you guys if possible, i have a present for Sage. love, Sunshine
p.s. if we had your phone# we'd call.

Rima Staines said...

Hello Pixie... wishing you computer health and lovely camping in the woods :)
All best things to you all xx Rima n Tui

Anonymous said...

I am so pleased to have stumbled across your journal! Your work is so charming and so creative. Thank you for sharing all your wonderful posts and photos of you and your family and your bus, and your wonderful journey. I remember you from the previous couple of Faerieworlds, but I was vending too (masks) and never got a chance to speak to you. How was Faerieworlds this year? (This was out first year missing it since at was at Hornings). If you come though Portland and are looking for a like-minded creative soul, please drop me a note. We could have a playdate even--my son Moebius is just 4 months younger than your charming daughter. And best of luck with the computer and the veggie oil converter!

Nina said...

Greetings Pixie, Moss and Sage,

We are currently traveling around the Pacific Northwest until Sept. if you are interested, maybe we could meet up somewhere. Play some music (Rik plays a little guitar and I attempt to play the drums, lol) and let the children play.... we have two daughters, Izabella (3) and Jorie (16 mo). We are currently near Eugene at Cougar hot springs and will eventually make our way through southern Oregon early Sept.

You can e-mail me at



Unknown said...

Hello! I have been following your blog for a little while and wanted to say hello! My DH Bill says he can fix your computer for free if you can get up tot he WA border (we are in Kent just S of Seattle):)


Tiffany said...

Sooooo glad you're all okay. I have a parts computer laying around... lemme know what you're needing. I might have it. *hugs*